The Island of Syros

Many of our visitors say Syros is the best kept secret in Greece.

There are many regular visitors who come here to enjoy beautiful beaches, good walking and year-round activities. And of course that famous Greek welcome.

It is the capital of the Cycladic group of islands and has a hospital, several museums, magnificent churches; both Orthodox and Catholic - different religious groups live here in harmony. There is a small theatre which is a replica of La Scala in Milan and an indoor and outdoor cinema. It’s the home of the soulful Greek Rembetiko music and many tavernas have live music and often impromptu dancing.

Hermoupolis; a beautiful neo-classical town, once the main port of Greece has a rich cultural and industrial history and in the rugged north of the island there were once settlements dating from 3000 years BC.

Regular buses leave from the port area and depart to beaches around the island; Azolimnos, Achladi, Vari, Finikas, Galissas – they are all a little bit different; every visitor discovers their favourite beach and special taverna.

You can hire a car or take a taxi to the largely uninhabited northern part of the island and walk a little to appreciate the scents from the wild thyme, rosemary and oregano bushes which cascade down the wild hillsides towards the sea. If you visit in spring, you will also see carpets of wild flowers and hillsides green from winter rain.

Each season is special. In spring you can experience the famous Ano Syros carnival at the beginning of lent and Clean Monday, when locals fly kites to cleanse their souls after they have cleaned their houses.
Easter is a big festival with impressive parades, church services and family barbecues, while the summer brings a season of cultural festivals; world class music and opera, art exhibitions, open art studios, traditional Greek music and dancing in the impressive Miaouli Square.
It’s hot in summer and everyone enjoys outdoor living and late night dining in cooler temperatures after the sun has set.
Towns and villages come alive and you can enjoy eating and drinking at the water’s edge. Warm sunny weather usually continues until Christmas. Of course you might get the occasional downpour or storm, but you can enjoy the traditional activities of gathering grapes and treading them to make wine, collecting olives and visiting the olive press to see the production of local olive oil – and every season has its own food; home produced cheeses and sausages, honey, seafood, lamb and Greek delight, yoghurt, baklava and Kadaifi.

We all think Syros is the best Greek island – we are waiting to welcome you and hope you will agree with us, that Syros is a very special place.

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Syros besides the beaches you will find many places to tour. Do not forget to visit the Town Hall, the Apollo Theater, the Municipal Library, the Tsiropina mansion in Posidonia, Ano Syros etc.